Monday, April 14, 2014

Outdoor lounge area {creating another room}

We live in a 1000 sq. ft condo with four of us.  I feel like we have enough space so I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I feel like I can create some extra space with what we have.  Yes, I'd love another bathroom because we all know sharing just one can be a pain, but for now it is what we've got and I don't have the budget for any type of construction.  What we can do as summer is quickly approaching is use some of our outdoor space as an extra "room."  Currently, right outside our back slider is a space that is covered and stays pretty protected from the weather all year round.  My husband and I have agreed that this is the perfect area to create a loungey, sitting area.  Here are a few photos of what we are working with...

The space right now feels like a total catch all and I just can't stand it anymore.  I have a few items already that we will be using, but there will be a ton of DIY going on over the next few weeks.  Here is my design concept for the space.
Now...I'm sure I'll be tweaking and changing this plan as we go because that is how I usually work when doing spaces for myself.  The plan is to stick with a similar direction as the above using bright pinks, deep blues, wood and gold.  I can't wait to see how it all ends up.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love is spoken {a completed nursery for my niece}

Excited doesn't even explain how I am feeling about sharing this nursery!  Ecstatic, nervous, giddy...those may be better words to use.  This nursery is near and dear to my heart because it is for my niece.  I think because this nursery is so very personal to me it makes it a bit more nerve wracking to share it.  I absolutely adore the way this nursery came together and even more importantly, my sister loves it, so the "client" is happy.

I shared with you the inspiration photos a while back here.

Here is the design board I had created for the space.

My sister wanted soft colors for this space with touches of gold.  We went with shades of coral and peach, white, ivory, pops of teal and golds.  A few items that I think really stand out in this space...if I have to pin point a few...are the framed ombre wrapping paper sheet from Paper Source, the subtle floral rug and the transformed Craigslist dresser.  I just love how these items make such an impact.
I knew we needed a large pop of color in a few places in this room because the walls were such a neutral that we weren't allowed to change.  When I saw this wrapping paper from Paper-Source I knew it would be just perfect framed.  

The rug was a great find since we knew we wanted to keep it a neutral color, but I also wanted the rug to be gorgeous.  When I found this Martha Stewart Rose Print rug I knew it was perfect.

Lastly, the biggest transformation in this room was the Craigslist dresser I found.  Here it is before:
I loved the lines of the dresser and its size, we knew it just needed a new color.  

Without any further is my niece's nursery and newborn photos. Get ready for photo overload and baby cuteness!  Enjoy!

A huge thank you to my very talented friend and photographer Gilmore Studios! Jennifer has photographed every special moment for my entire family.  If you are looking for amazing newborn photos, be sure to contact her!

Source list can be found here

Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY yarn bombed basket {decorative basket idea}

I was on the hunt for a super cute, special basket to add to my niece's nursery.  I had found a great snake charmer basket at TJ Maxx that had touches of teal which was one of the colors used in her new nursery.  I needed another basket to compliment it and just couldn't find one.  There was this basket from Target by Nate Berkus, but it was too similar to what I already had.
My hunt continued to Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx more then I want to admit, Cost Plus and Pier 1 and I just couldn't find the RIGHT basket.  Did I know what the RIGHT basket was going to look like?  Nope.  I just knew I'd know it when I saw it.  Well...I was a day away from the room being photographed and it was time to get my DIY on!!  I think this is a great idea for anyone who has a bunch of baskets around the house that need some sprucing up.  It is also a great way to add a bit of custom to a space without breaking the bank.  

Here is what I did.  I headed back to TJ Maxx cause they just have some great simple rattan baskets.  I needed one of a specific height and knew I needed round.  I found a great basket.  I brought it home and gathered my tools:
Glue gun
yarn of any colors
My steps:
Without boring you it really just begins by tying the yarn to the handle and then begin wrapping it, hot gluing every so often so that the yarn doesn't move.  The more glue you do the less frustrated you'll get, but only do little itty bitty dots of glue cause you don't need much to hold the yarn in place.  

 I knew I didn't want the amount I used of each color to be the same, so I just did what felt right.  Again, the other basket I had already had a large amount of teal, so for this basket I just wanted little bits to pop and tie together the two baskets.  The rest of the room is shades of coral, white and gold.

The basket ended up looking just right in the nursery which I can't wait to share with you all!!!!  I just saw the photos today and they look great.  Be sure to check back next week.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nautical nursery decor {Target Does it Again}

Leave it to Target and Threshold to knock it out of the park again.  If you are doing a nautical room you are officially in luck.  I'm in the process of doing a slightly nautical/beachy space so I'll be picking a few pieces from this new collection available at Target.  I thought I'd share what I found today on my morning visit to my "happiest place on earth."

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A minty boy nursery {mint, teal, black and white}

I have always loved designing nurseries and kids spaces using colors that are slightly out of the ordinary.  I tend to use colors as a "neutral" even though they aren't your classic neutral like white, tan, ivory etc.  For my most recent client she already had her walls painted in Sherwin Williams Mint Condition from this room originally being her daughters.  They didn't want to repaint, but are having a boy this summer.  No problem.  I looked at the walls as their neutral backdrop and allowed the rest of the color scheme to come from my inspiration piece I found.  I just adore this saying and thought the colors were fab.

The rest of the room will be compiled of teal, black, white and a few shades of gray.  Along with little bits of an olivey green.  Love those unexpected touches.  

Out of respect for my paying clients I don't share all sources, but I do highlight a few when necessary.  In this case there are so many talented designers involved that you may have never heard of.  Along with Live Love Studio you'll find art from Rose and Julep, crib sheets from Olive and Andrew and the ever amazing (I'm a tad bit obsessed) cross blanket by SpearmintLove.  If you have any other questions or would like to inquire about my design services please email me.  I'd love to chat.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Styled shelves {or restyled in this matter}

I only have a few shelving areas in my house that can really be styled.  I've tried to keep the amount of "stuff" to a minimum in our new house.  Am I winning this battle against stuff?  No.  I am trying to though and the other night I decided to restyle my ladder bookcase that is in my family room for this very reason.  I ended up removing a good amount of stuff from this shelf and at the moment am happy with how it turned out.  How often do you restyle areas in your house?  I'm constantly doing it in my head...such a problem.

Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY ribbon swag garland {coral, peach and gold}

I posted a few weeks ago photos from my sister's baby shower.  Part of the decor I made was a ribbon swag garland.  Today I'm sharing with you the simple tutorial on how to make one yourself.  The thing I love about this garland is you can have so much fun finding special fabric and trims to add to yours to make it unique.  For this garland I used a mix of kona cotton fabric, satin fabric, lace fabric, lace trim, sequin ribbon, ric rac and wired ribbon.  There is no real amount that you need to buy for this, but as a guide, here are my supplies:
1 yard peach Kona cotton fabric 44" wide
1 yard coral satin fabric 58" wide
1 yard lace fabric 56" wide
1 yard white Kona cotton fabric 44" wide
4 yards 3/8" velvet peach ric rac
1 yard 7/8" lace trim in ivory
1 roll gold sequin ribbon
1 roll coral wired ribbon
3m hooks
chipboard letter
modge podge
fine glitter of your color choice

I did not use all the fabric for each 1 yard quantity, I just started cutting 2" strips the width of the fabric until I felt like my pile of strips was sufficient enough.  I figured I could always cut more if I needed to.

My tip for you is to keep the fabric folded so the width of the fabric is in half, that way you aren't having to try to cut the worlds longest straight line.  So, if your fabric is 44" wide normally, then you'll be cutting strips that are 2"x2" in length when folded.  Unfolded they'll be 2"x44"

Here is my pile of cut fabric strips. I cut more of the lighter color fabrics and about 7 of the coral color.

Once you have your pile of strips, you'll then need either twine or ribbon to hang the ribbons from.  I used twine because I have a huge roll of it that I'm still trying to dwindle down.  Cut your twine to about the length you think you'll want to span and then give yourself excess to each end for some give and to be able to tie knots.  

If you want your ribbon to have the center point to it's swag like mine did then you'll want to loop a knot in the center of your twine before you begin.  

Then it is time to just start tying.  
Follow the images below because we are really just looping the ribbon around the twine and pulling it through the loop.  I'd call it a slip knot, but I'm sure that isn't correct. 

Then just pull the strip down tight.  There is no method to my "pattern" that I placed my fabric and ribbon in. I just kept standing back and making sure I felt like the swag looked balanced.  I kept the fabric strips the different lengths provided by the fabric I purchased because I liked the way it looked.  You could always trim all the strips to be even length if that is more your vision.  

For my garland I also decided to add the initial for my niece's first name.  I purchased an 8" chipboard 'S' from Hobby Lobby.
covered it with modge podge and poured very fine gold glitter all over it, then covered it with modge podge again.  I then used an extra scrap of lace ribbon to tie it to the 3m hooks I was using to hang the ribbon swag garland from.

Have fun being creative with this project.  It is simple and fun.  I'd love to see how yours turn out.  Email them to me.  And I can't wait to share how this garland now looks in my niece's nursery.

And in even more fun niece arrived on Friday!!!  She is adorable!  This Auntie is in love.
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