Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer break {with very little break}

I have to say I am so thankful for the world of social media.  Duh, right?  But truly, all my new clients this summer found me on Instagram.  This little app we all love, just sitting on my phone, has brought me the joy of so many amazing ladies.  And I say only ladies because I've yet to have a male reach out for design help.  How fun would that be to do a bachelor pad?  Oh, I think I'm on to something...
Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.  I just wanted to share the few designs I've completed for clients this summer so anyone who actually finds this little blog of mine doesn't think its hibernating.

I had the privilege of reconnecting with a high school friend who found me on Instagram...see, amazing.  I designed her great room for her that consists of her family room, dining area, play area and entry.  I can not wait to see this space completed. Remember, I only do E-design so these spaces are completed by my clients.  I have to say though, they are all amazing at implementing my designs.
Another space I had the privilege of designing was for a long time client who I just adore.  We are now working together on the second home of theirs after their first one I helped designed sold.  She is expecting a little guy soon and I just completed his nursery design.
And lastly, I completed another nursery design for a long time client who is friends with the one I mentioned above.  They are seriously the best.  She is expecting a little girl and we had so much fun collaborating on a nursery of blush pink, lilac and navy blues.

So as you can see I've been busy, busy and for that I am truly thankful.  My kids head back to school a week from today and this mama is very excited for the many hours of free time coming my way. Woohoo.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Be Brave {a completed boy nursery}

I was contacted in January by my client wanting me to do an E-design for her 2nd son's nursery. She wanted a space that was peaceful and serene incorporating the black, white, grey and yellow color palette.  She loved the cloud sheets from Land of Nod and definitely wanted to incorporate them.  I got to work based off of a few inspiration photos she had shared with me.

You can definitely see a reoccurring theme among these two images and I was up for the challenge to achieve a similar aesthetic without being exactly like these two amazing rooms.  

My original design board that I presented to my client looked like this...

I incorporated yellow accents throughout the space so that the color wasn't too overwhelming by being used in a large scale because I knew that wouldn't go along with my clients want for a serene space.  When I presented this design to her she loved it, but wanted to make a few adjustments so that it felt more cohesive to her home.  I'm always ok with this which is why I allow two revisions with my designs.  My client decided she didn't want such a large amount of yellow after all so we toned it down and really pushed the black and white options.

Here was the final plan and what she worked off of when she was implemented the design...

I promised I would share some pictures of this completed nursery and here they are.  I think we can all agree that the arrow accent wall is pretty phenomenal!  It is an inexpensive way to make a big impact.  It takes time and paint, but very little money.

If you are interested in an E-design feel free to contact me as I'm booking up my calendar for the summer.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Boy nursery e-design {black and white}

I have had a few boy nurseries that I haven't shared yet with you all.  This one in particular is almost finished and it is amazing!!  I shared a little sneak peek on my Instagram awhile ago, but thought I'd show you what the design board looked like in comparison to the start of the design being implemented.

From the arrow stenciled accent wall, to my favorite Babyletto Lolly crib and how to die for is the Restoration Hardware dresser in gray?  It is all too good.

Amazing right?!  I can't wait to share the completed nursery with you all.  Just allow me to email and harass my rad client for photos.  Possibly the hardest part of my job is not being able to just drive on over to my client's homes and snap pictures for them.  It may be time for me to find some photographers in local areas to do the snapping for them....hmmm....any takers?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Not cheap in design {Modern Crib Round-up}

Something that has changed drastically over the years is the selection of modern cribs that don't break the bank.  A crib with clean lines was so hard to find 6 plus years ago that was less then $1,000.  Today with amazing companies like Babyletto, Ikea and Baby Mod, just to name a few, there are so many options to choose from.  I love this because it allows my client's budgets to be spent on more important items for their nurseries.  I'd rather have them invest in a great rug or cool lighting.  Today I'm sharing my top picks for cribs under $400.
You can find the featured cribs here...
1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6
Be sure to check out the rest of the options through these companies as they offer many different colorways and styles.

Do you have a favorite? I know I do....

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring update to our bathroom {Penny Deal Challenge}

I've been having so much fun today switching things up in our home.  If you follow me on Instagram or Snap Chat then you have seen a bit of what I'm talking about.  I was recently asked to take part in the Penny Deal Challenge for JCPenney.  They are having a great sale that started yesterday and runs through the 17th of April where bath towels, bed pillows and protectors and ready-made curtains are buy one get the next one for a penny.  Sign me up, right?  I had been wanting to refresh our bathroom for a while to lighten it up and bring in some new accessories, so this couldn't have been more perfect of timing.

As most of you probably have noticed over the years I LOVE white.  I love how bright and fresh it is, I love that you can bleach it, I love everything that white provides to a space.  When my daughter and I headed into JCPenney today, I knew I wanted to purchase a new set of white towels.  I was so excited that with the sale going on I was able to purchase 4 new towels today for $25.94!  Pretty much a steal.  For this family of four I was so thrilled that everyone got a new towel today.  Time to dump our old ones, yay.

I think we can all agree that this space looks nice and refreshed!

Thank you JCPenney for including me in this fun challenge.  Although I chose to stick with white towels, your selection of various colors was great.

*I was provided with a gift card to go shopping for the items in this post, but my selection and my opinions are all mine.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

White kitchen, finally {part 1: counter tops/ back splash}

I am so excited to share my recent week worth of hard work.  We moved into our condo over three years ago with the statement of "oh, we can change the kitchen."  Welp, life changed for us and there has been no budget to redo the kitchen.  I've dreamed up my kitchen, I've pinned a million inspiration photos, but couldn't make it happen.  Finally I had to stop thinking like a designer and think like a broke homeowner, ha!  But seriously, I needed to design within my means to get me through the next few years or more while living with the kitchen we have.  So, what did I do?  I ventured onto Pinterest and read many, many tutorials that other ladies, like myself, have done to their kitchens.  My favorite one and the one I chose to follow was from Our Vintage Home Love. 
I gathered myself and wrote out a schedule that I knew I would stick to.  It so happened that my husband was leaving on an 8 day surf trip so I felt that would be the perfect time to paint the kitchen.  I knew that for the best results I needed to allow 24 hours for each coat to dry before I applied the next one.  With knowing this, if I started on Tuesday my last coat would be done Friday morning and then the kitchen could dry all weekend while the kids and I took a quick Easter trip to the desert.  While the kids were at school I got to work.

First step was to clean clean clean my counters and back splash really well with soap and water.  (Sad to admit this was probably the first time I had done a good scrubbin on these ugly tiles)
Feast your eyes on these horrible, brown and gold 80's tiles.  Can you believe I've lived with these for 3 years?!  Hence me never sharing my kitchen on my Instagram.  This little kitchen of mine felt like a cave!  It's at the back of our home so it doesn't have a window other than the cut out to the family room and then the window off the office nook.  It always just felt so dark and excuse for not liking to cook.  

I had bought all my supplies and wanted to share them with you because I truly hope this inspires one of you to try this too.  Make yourself happy and get that white kitchen you've always wanted.  

Supply list:
6" foam roller for cabinets and doors for a smooth finish I ended up using 4 rollers total because I didn't want to clean them in between coats. 
3" tiny trim roller  this ended up being my magic tool!
paint trays (again a new one for each day)
plastic to protect floors and appliances when needed
paint brush cleaner for the oil-based paints
and I used an on hand small paint brush for around my sink
Painters mask (it is stinky)

After scrubbing my tiles clean I let them dry overnight, so I cleaned them Monday night.  Tuesday I did my primer coat.  I found that with my grout being so deep and large it was best if I used an 1" paint brush to paint the grout.  I did this in small 18" sq. sections starting with the back splash.  Once I painted that section of grout I'd then go over that section with the 6" roller covering the tiles and also smoothing out the paint that went onto the tiles from painting the grout.  I did the back splash first so that any paint I dripped onto the counters I could then go over and smooth out after the backs splash was done.  The primer coat took about 3 hours to complete because of my grout and the texture of my tiles.  I let this coat dry until the next morning.  The slow part was painting around my sink.  The edge of my below counter sink has the grout exposed so I had to use a small craft paint brush to paint the grout, as well as the small back splash that is between my counter tops and bar top.  I tried to be meticulous here so that everything was covered and I didn't paint my sink.  

Primer Coat
It looks pretty scary after the primer coat, don't worry about it.  Just keep painting with out trying to go over the primer again and again.  

Wednesday morning was the first coat of paint.  This coat also took about 3 hours because the paint is pretty thick and doesn't spread very easily.  I found doing smaller sections worked best, using the same method as above.  I had also discovered the day before that having a smaller roller would have helped for behind my sink, this is where the 3" roller comes into play.  
First coat of paint

Thursday was my second coat of paint and wow did this coat go on so much quicker...yes, there is a light at the end of this stinky paint tunnel.  I had this coat done in about 2 hours.  Again, I did grout first on the back splash, then painted and then moved to the counters.  This seems confusing, but I did back splash then counter below, back splash and then counter I was moving counter clock-wise in my kitchen to where when I was at the last bit of tile I had done the back splash and counter in the rest of the kitchen.  I stuck to this direction so that the tiles had dried evenly through out all the days.  I also found myself using my 3" roller a lot more for the large surfaces.  I liked how quickly it rolled and how easily I could maneuver it.  This is why I referred to this roller above as magic.  I had to do this coat quickly because my son had his jog-a-thon on this day so I only had about 2 hours to get it all done, cleaned up and off to his school.  I pulled it off.

Friday....last coat!!!  Yippee.  I was so tired this day.  I ended up using my 3" magic roller for most of this day because I found that at this point I could use the tip of it to paint my grout so I didn't have to pick up my paint brush.  This to me was gold!  So, if you try this, see if you like just using the smaller roller for the grout.  This coat I got done in about an hour and a half.  It was my 10 year anniversary, yes my husband was still gone on a surf trip, so I had lunch plans with a girlfriend.    Bring on the drinks.  I was celebrating a pretty white kitchen and 10 years of marriage!  

Here is a sneak peak of how it looks.  I still need to paint the lower cabinets a pretty gray, change the hardware and have my husband install a new pendant light.  I'm already giddy over the change and I can't wait to share the rest of the transformation with you all. 


Monday, February 29, 2016

Kids' room {our home}

It's time to share our kids' room with you all.  Having a shared space for siblings is tough, especially when its a boy and a girl.  My kids have always shared a room so the challenge has diminished over the years.  I have fun trying to implement each of my kids personalities and interests.  My best advice is to keep a cohesive design when it comes to the bedding, but give them a bit of individuality.  I stuck to navy and white striped duvets and black and white sheets to form a good base.  I then purchased two very similar lumbar pillows, but allowed my sons pillow to be more masculine and my daughters to have a more feminine pattern.  From there I brought in their personalities with their gallery walls.

This room was done on a budget because, well, we don't have a large one.  Most items were purchased from Target, Ikea, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Etsy and Society 6.  I love showing clients how it is very possible to achieve a super cute space while not spending too much!  

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