Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rental bathroom refresh

My sister has the cutest rental home for her little family.  Her bathroom was a bit standard though, so she asked me to help her just add a little bit to the space to make it fit with the rest of the home.  Since it is a rental our plan wasn't to change any of the fixtures or hardware, instead we knew adding some simple decor would really make the space stand out.  I most definitely wanted her to replace the decorative mirror that the landlord had picked out....eek.  This is what the original mirror looked like.

And here is the bathroom today with a new mirror and the addition of a new rug, shelves, planter and various decor.  Really simple changes that made a big impact.  

Here's how to get the look. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New art {Lauren Marttila Photography}

I've been so bad at keeping up with my Monday Must-haves, shame on me!  I need to get back to it because I love sharing with you all the things that I am crushing on.  Speaking of crushing...I have a major crush on my new art piece by Lauren Marttila Photography. Lauren lives in Nantucket and takes the most amazing photos of nature, specifically the ocean and it's gorgeous coast lines.  When I discovered Lauren's work (thanks to Instagram) I was immediately drawn to her Sea Smoke print and its perfect moodiness. Just take a look for yourself.

I love the mist coming off of the waves; you can almost feel it.  This print had the perfect combination of smokey blues and grays that fit into our living room just right.  Lauren offers framing through Frame Bridge which makes her prints stand-out with the sheer quality of the floating mat option and the clean lines of the frame.  I truly gasped when I took it out of the box.

I had been wanting to revamp our shelves over the TV, but just hadn't decided on that "right" piece.  I definitely think this Sea Smoke print is exactly what this space needed.  

Be sure to check out Lauren Marttila's site for all her other gorgeous'll get lost in all of their beauty.

*Lauren supplied me with a print of my choice for my honest opinion and review.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New sofa {Ikea Farlov}

We recently purchased a new sofa for our family room and we are loving it.  We don't have a large budget for these type of items.  Usually our process consists of us selling a piece of furniture in order to purchase a new piece of furniture.  I know we can't be alone.  When we finally decided to get serious about getting a new sofa I started doing some inspiration searching.  I love the newer feature on Instagram where you can save images to your little hidden feed because I was able to see a 'theme' amongst my saved photos.  You want to know what that was?!  It was a white sofa.  Can you even handle?  Was I crazy to get a white sofa with two kids and a dog?  I consulted with a few of the Instagram owners of these white sofas that I loved and they all said to go for it, that I wouldn't regret it.  I officially made my decision to go white and that began my search for the sofa with the best lines and the best price tag.  This is where Ikea entered the equation.  They had recently released the Farlov collection and I fell for it hard!

I loved the single seat cushion, the two big back pillows and the arms have a real simplicity to them, but just enough movement too.  And bonus, its slip covered, so no worries of spillage. I haven't had to wash the seat cushion yet, but I am getting close.  I'll report back once I do wash it.  Comfort wise, we are so happy with it.  The seat is nice and deep making it a total lounger sofa.  We haven't had one for almost 4 years!  It was so nice to almost fall asleep watching tv the other night.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Must-haves {black, white and tan edition}

If you have seen my bathroom floors then you know I love a great black and white pattern floor.  I didn't think I had the budget for the most known cement tile companies, but recently was educated on Riad Tile.  This tile is only $9/sq.ft.

I always have my clients who want to use existing furniture switch up their hardware.  It can add such a newness to a piece.  These are my favorite leather pulls.

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to step stools for a home.  I know they are very useful, but I can't have it cramping the style of my home. haha  My husband still laughs that I made him buy the "cute" looking broom for inside the house.  Designer problems.  Back to stools though, this one from Serena and Lily is preeetttyy!

I always love me a cute matter how many hats I have, I'm always looking for more.  I think this one is a must have for me for summer because my kids and husband call me mama. Clicking buy asap.

And does anyone else just love the Miracle Gel nailpolish by Sally Hansen?  I've got a whole bunch of her colors, but there is something about white polish for me when heading into summer.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday must-haves {camping style}

My kids get out of school for summer on June 1st this year which is crazy early for us, but since they started Aug. 15th we are all ready for break. Just this morning taking my son to school you could tell the "I'm over school" feels had set in.  He was dragging his feet and super emotional about going today.  I think we are all just tired.  I plan on pumping his mood up later with reminding him how little amount of school he has left and that when school is over is when we are going camping.  He loves camping, I'm learning to love camping.  Because we have a two night camping trip planned for just after summer starts I thought it was fitting to do a round up of all the things I'd love for our camping trip.

I say just because we are camping doesn't mean I can't make our set-up cute....right?  I'd love to grab each of us a canvas sling chair to hang out in around the fire.

And with our cute chairs we'd have, I think an outdoor rug would be great too.  I like having a surface to escape to when the dirt is just too much. Again, I'm learning here.

For the evenings and because of the lack of electrical outlets, how amazing will these solar lights be?!  Must have.

Now, we all know I can't do without my morning coffee, so this pour over carafe is perfect.  Just heat up some water over the fire in our kettle and then enjoy our perfectly brewed cup of magic.

And because we will be making this yummy coffee, then I definitely think the hubs and I need these cute camping coffee mugs.  My personal instagram name is Mamabearmoysa, so it just feels like a must purchase.  And then, of course, I'd grabbed the Papa bear for my husband.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday must-haves {beauties and beats}

(First off, did you get the title? So clever, right? haha)
I'm telling you, sometimes my Monday must-haves are going to be a bit random and this week may be one of those.  I'm completely ok with that and hope you are too.  I'm just going to share with you the things that have been kept open in my 'safari' on my iPhone.

I have been on the hunt for the best neutral lip gloss for years...years I tell ya.  I'm super excited to try this one, Milani in Adorable, after hearing so many rave reviews.  I'll be sure to report back if this finally satisfies my hunt.

Heading into spring and summer always makes me want a fun flirty earring.  I have no shame that I wear jewelry to the beach and pool, why not?  I just love how these earrings from Miranda Frye give a little twist to the classic hoop.

My newest plant obsession is the Dracaena Marginata 'Tarzan'...I want him in my house! I'm on the hunt to my local nurseries to find one because I just know it'll look great next to our new sofa!

I think we all need a great stripe pillow on our sofas and The Ivory Gull has that perfect stripe totally mastered.  She offers it in three color ways: pepper, sea salt and oyster.  She sells out quick so grab one while you can.

And lastly, we always always have music on in our home.  I tried to catch a video of my daughter and I dancing in the kitchen earlier, but she was camera shy!  Right now we just love listening to the Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwo╩╗ole station on Pandora.  We love our island music.  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Time for some change {our living room}

I have felt a slight shift in my style over the last 6 months or so and have decided to integrate it into my living/family room.  I feel the urge to brighten up the space and instead of tackling painting the walls white like I really want to, I've decided to lighten up the wood tones and sofa.  I'm in the process of trying to sell our sofa so that I can purchase a white one. Did you just gasp?  I hope not, because white doesn't scare me one bit, especially when it's slip-covered.  I just really am yearning for a super comfy sofa.  We don't have a large budget for this room redo so I am finding items already in our home, working with some of my fav small shops, selling the items I don't need and am stalking online deals like crazy!  If you follow me on Instagram you've recently seen we have gotten a set of new chairs and today I laid out our new top layered rug.
My overall design concept looks something like this, but I know the pillows are going to be changing as I hunt for the perfect combination.

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