Wednesday, October 19, 2016

E-design {how does it all work}

I have had a numerous amount of emails lately inquiring how this whole E-design thing works.  I can tell you this, that it is going to be different from one designer to the next.  I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of an in on how I do this thing called E-design.

It starts with a simple email to me where we discuss the project you have in mind.  I have a form that is linked at the bottom of my services page that I have you fill out.  This covers some of the business necessities as well as a place for you to tell me more about you, your style and your inspirations.  I don't mind hearing about your love of your dog or wine in this part of the form either, it really gives me a sense of you.  On this form there is a place to upload photos of your space, you can feel free to do that or just attach them to our email chain, that's fine too.  As long as I get lots and lots of images of your current space, I'm happy.  My advice for whether you decide to hire me or another designer; be sure to send us good photos.  I am not saying professional by any means and the lighting doesn't even have to be that good, what I'm saying is try not to send me a photo of the middle of a wall.  I've received that kind of photo before.  It's not the end of the world, but I will have to come back to you and ask for some more photos.  What I always tell clients is, take a look at the images you've taken and pretend you don't live in that home, could you tell what the space looks like?  If not, I need more images.  You can also feel free to send me a video tour of the space, that's a great way for me to get a sense of the rooms size too.

After the images, comes you taking dimensions of the room.  This is also super important because the look of a space through images can be deceiving.  Another thing I tell my clients is I need more then just "the room is 12x12," I actually need the dimensions to the open wall space, the window sizes, the door opening, ceiling height etc.  This "homework" as I call it, allows me to create a scaled floor plan that I work off of, guiding me to guide you on the correct art sizes, furniture sizes, rug sizes etc.  This allows me to do my best work.  When all of this is sent to me, your job is done, woohoo!

An invoice is then sent off and now it is my turn, I get to work!  You'll hear from me periodically through the weeks that a design takes to come together, but for the most part you just get to sit back and relax.

Once I have finished up your design you will receive a digital main concept board which is what I feature below.  I then give you 1-3 more boards depending on the service you chose (full or mini design).  These boards may be mock -ups of a certain gallery wall or entry wall that I have designed for your space.  They could also be a board featuring comparable items that all have a similar aesthetic, but fall under different price points.  I like to give options.  Last piece to this process is I write out a written tour of your space.  This tour allows you to stand at the door of your room, read my words and know exactly where each item should be place, what sizes you should purchase and my reasoning behind each selection.  This is the part I want you all to can do this!  I make it so easy, there's no guess work involved.  As long as you can handle a hammer possibly a drill or at least have someone around that can, then everything I suggest is completely doable.

After reading this, do you have any questions?  I would love to answer them for you.  And I guess the most important question is....what room are you going to let me help you with? =)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Under the palms {a shared space}

When I found out my sister was pregnant with baby #2 I was so excited!  I knew my niece was going to be the best big sister and I knew how badly my sister wanted to give her daughter that opportunity to shine.  Our entire family was waiting until we could finally find out the gender of this little one.  When the big balloon filled with confetti popped and it was raining blue we were all in complete shock!  How fun it was going to be to have another little boy in the family.  And then my designer brain kicked in and it was time to create a shared space for my niece and soon-to-be nephew.  Game on.  I knew that my niece's nursery had provided so much inspiration for people designing nurseries for their little girls.  It was always fun to see gallery walls above changing tables popping up on Pinterest looking exactly like my niece's.  It was so flattering.  Because of this, I wanted to try to achieve another truly inspirational space.  Over the last few years my style and my sister's has evolved and we knew we wanted to create a shared room that wasn't traditional, but rather a great eclectic mix of modern, transitional and bold.  I think you'll all agree that we achieved that.  Behold my newest love: my niece and nephew's shared bedroom.

Can you even handle how fun it is?!  I know I can't.  There are so many favorites for me in this space, but just to name a few.  My sister and her husband lease their home so I just knew that Chasing Paper and their amazing removable wallpaper was going to be a perfect addition to this room.  And what a great backdrop for this boy/girl shared space it is.  This was for sure my starting point in the design process.  All the other items had to balance off of this bold pattern.  Another favorite is how the changing table/dresser wall came together.  The touches of leather among the white and wood just added so much warmth and a true punch of cool.  I mean, this room is for some really cool kids, but I may be bias.
I ended up using a lot of ivory, black and white to offset the bright colors in the wallpaper, my niece's crib sheet and pillow.  I loved the idea of having the bookcase from Ikea be bright green so that it almost disappeared into the wallpaper instead of creating a contrast.  I always say "don't be afraid of mixing patterns, but make sure you mix them properly."  I truly think we achieved that in this space.
A huge thank you to Taylor Cole Photography for the amazing photos!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

A case of the Mondays? {my family room}

I definitely don't have the case of the Mondays over here today.  I have nothing on the agenda as far as to-dos, must dos, don't want to dos.  So, instead I'm just having a blast playing around with the decor of my home, because that is something I do all too often.  I have to say this is my favorite space in our home right now, not to mention it is kinda the only space that isn't a bedroom.  We have only 1,000 sq. ft. here people.  I've rearranged this room many times, but I am loving the current set-up.  It feels very open and easily maneuverable.  Our corner bench, sitting area has been the best addition to this space EVER!  Our son loves it, you can always find him sitting over there on his computer playing some kind of weird video game of today.  It's definitely no Zelda or Mario Bros., that's for sure.  So, how is your Monday going?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our kitchen {then and now}

Here is a little comparison of what our kitchen looked like the day we bought our condo, a few years after living here awhile, and what it looks like today.

Now get ready....most people would have taken one look at the original kitchen and said, oh heck no, and went on to another house.

 I knew, though, that this kitchen had potential.  I knew it wasn't going to happen over night or even in the first year.  With some patience, we are slowly getting our 1980's kitchen looking pretty good.  We immediately painted the cabinets white, because our kitchen is towards the back of the house and has very little natural light.

We also opened up the cabinets that flank the stove to make it feel more open. But, come on with those counter tops.  So that was our next step....paint time!  Tutorial for painted tile can be found here  

And here we are today!  White cabinets, white tile, gold hardware and new rug. Next will be recessed lighting and two new pendant lights!  That is the step I can not wait for.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shelf styling {floating shelf with leather brackets}

I have been slowly working on finishing my master bedroom and I am so excited on how it is coming together.  We do things on a very tiny budget over here, but I hope you all can see how small budget doesn't mean small style.  I had found this shelf while cruising the internet for an option for my niece and nephew's shared room that I'm designing.  I loved it so much I told my sister to buy it and got one for myself too.  Today, her and I went shopping for some decor to style our was a one for me, one for you, type of shopping day.  I did purchase a few different items for our room, but don't be surprised when I later share photos of their room that you'll recognize some things.  Enough is my new shelf.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A neutral space for a baby boy {boy nursery complete}

I love getting photos from my clients. It is truly the best part of this entire process.  Considering I never actually meet my clients, never step foot into their homes, and never actually touch the items I've suggested for them, the photos are my reward, my closure, my purpose for doing this rad job.  So, when I received these photos from my client I was so excited to share.  I know this room has been such a great transformation.  If you can believe it, two of the walls stayed the same color from these before photos, but just watch how much brighter the room feels after the introduction of some wallpaper and a lighten bay window wall.

My design board and concept for this room looked like this:
And here is how the nursery turned out:

Such a fun transformation right?  Any of you that follow me on Instagram know my love for anything Babyletto.  I just feel like they have such great looking cribs for such amazing prices!  They make my job easy.  I knew we had to use the Scoot crib for this space because the colors mimicked the Serena and Lily wallpaper so nicely. I was obsessed with the West Elm Traced Diamond Kilim rug because it was going to be such a strong introduction of blue, while allowing the rest of the room to be so neutral.  I love how the bay window changed so much too.  Doesn't it look more youthful?  I had mentioned to my client we needed to "young" this space up.  By painting that wall a lighter color and eliminating the swagged drapes you could really see how much light this side of the room exudes.  And I love me some natural bamboo shades.  Thank you to my fabulous client who I just adore and welcome to your little guy.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer break {with very little break}

I have to say I am so thankful for the world of social media.  Duh, right?  But truly, all my new clients this summer found me on Instagram.  This little app we all love, just sitting on my phone, has brought me the joy of so many amazing ladies.  And I say only ladies because I've yet to have a male reach out for design help.  How fun would that be to do a bachelor pad?  Oh, I think I'm on to something...
Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.  I just wanted to share the few designs I've completed for clients this summer so anyone who actually finds this little blog of mine doesn't think its hibernating.

I had the privilege of reconnecting with a high school friend who found me on Instagram...see, amazing.  I designed her great room for her that consists of her family room, dining area, play area and entry.  I can not wait to see this space completed. Remember, I only do E-design so these spaces are completed by my clients.  I have to say though, they are all amazing at implementing my designs.
Another space I had the privilege of designing was for a long time client who I just adore.  We are now working together on the second home of theirs after their first one I helped designed sold.  She is expecting a little guy soon and I just completed his nursery design.
And lastly, I completed another nursery design for a long time client who is friends with the one I mentioned above.  They are seriously the best.  She is expecting a little girl and we had so much fun collaborating on a nursery of blush pink, lilac and navy blues.

So as you can see I've been busy, busy and for that I am truly thankful.  My kids head back to school a week from today and this mama is very excited for the many hours of free time coming my way. Woohoo.
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