Thursday, December 4, 2014

Subtle Christmas Decorations {green, white and woods}

I decided to change up my Christmas decor this year to eliminate red from the equation.  I wanted to stick to a palette of green, white and woods.  I have small touches of gold and grey as my other neutrals.  I've been sharing little sneak peaks on my Instagram account, but thought I'd share a few with you all here too.  Here is my subtle, modern Christmas shelf display.  I don't have a mantle, but I think this serves us just right.  I loved the green striped knitted stockings from Target and decided to grab them for the kids.  Their more traditional stockings are in their room this year where we have a white tree decorated with all sorts of kid ornaments.

At a recent trip to Trader Joe's I picked up this little small evergreen tree that smells delicious.  It is so feathery and whimsy, I just love the softness it added to the rest of the shelf decor.  

I love my stack of Chatbooks that always will have a special spot on these shelves.  The memories captured in them are priceless.  My '4' print is so bold and simple that I felt I wanted to keep it in its usual spot.  It is still one of my favorite prints...if you want to order one for your home head over to Gathered Nest Designs on Etsy and order a custom number, enter code EGD10 and receive 10% off! 

I spotted this little guy at Hobby Lobby well before I even started thinking about decorating this year, but I just had to have him.  

I loved the simplicity of this wood tree, also found at Hobby Lobby.  I had thought of painting it, but refrained as I like the light wood contrast against the white and darker woods already on the shelves.  

Keeping it simple this year has already proven to minimize my stress level.  I love this season and always want my decor to look nice.  For me, this is just right for us this year.  

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lets take a vote {round coffee table round-up}

Alrighty everyone I need your opinions....I recently moved our "stand-in" coffee table to the kid's room for them to use as a play table.  We had originally purchased it from Target just to act as our coffee table until I could decide on a permanent piece that I'd love for a long time.  Since it has been moved...I kinda need to make a decision.  This is what I am working with:

Now...I've returned the rug that I have layered over the ivory one because I'm just silly and can't commit.  I truly just want a vintage piece, but can't afford it yet so for now I just have the knotted ivory wool rug.  But as you can see I have a very rectangular sofa and a rectangular TV console so I'm finally wanting to get a round coffee table.  I know this will provide much needed visual movement in the space and will just fit better in proportion to the room.  You can see in the top picture the table I moved to my kid's room.  Our living area is one big great room so I wanted to also include a visual of my new door color and my breakfast nook, all can be seen from my "family" room area.  Here are my contenders for a new coffee table...please weigh in.  

What do you think?  I'd love to hear!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Instantly Framed {getting those special pics on your wall}

If you are anything like me you love taking pictures with your phone.  Its convenient and with the quality of cameras on phones now, it makes it easy to capture a clear photo in a snap.  I personally love Instagram and how fun it can be to see the way others capture their lives and those special moments.  I know I've "met" some amazing women through Instagram and look forward to "chatting" via my photos and theirs.  But in capturing all these moments, what do you do with them next?  Do you have any of them hanging on your wall? I know I don't.  I do have them all sitting on a shelf in these cute little books, but that's a different post. ;) For someone like myself that loves taking pictures I knew it was time to try to get a few of my photos printed.  This can be a daunting task because there are so many options of photo printers....which has the best quality, do I have to pick my order up, can it be sent to my house, where should I buy the perfect frame etc.  All of these thoughts have really deterred me on moving forward to getting any photos printed. I think I may have the solution to this "problem."  I'm hoping this little post brings you a little tip that may result in some wonderful holiday gifts for your family...think Grandparents gifts....hello!  Amazing!  There is a new company called 'Instantly Framed' that is a new app you can download to your iPhone that allows you to instantly upload a photo from your phone and then have it framed and shipped to your home for free and receive it within four days of ordering it!   Your image will be printed in one of a few available sizes based on your original image.  It will then be printed , matted and framed in a 12"x 12" American-made, sustainably farmed black walnut wood frame.  It is that easy!  I'm so excited to share this with you all as well as a discount code specifically for my readers.  Boom! Use code CIGREYDESIGNS10 for $10 off each order.  This code expires Monday, December 15th so get on it.

For my order I decided to print a picture I had taken of my kids searching for seashells at a recent visit to The Wedge in Newport Beach.
I edited it so that the colors weren't as vibrant. 

 I received my order the other day and it was just perfect.  I was so pleased with the image quality.  The image was super clear and even with the editing I did to it, it still printed amazingly.  I love the fact that the frame is a perfect square because I think it adds so much interest to the piece itself.  You can see with how my photo ledge gallery wall is looking that the square frame really stands out.

Now that I have this great memento added to my photo ledge wall, I think it is time to update the rest of the prints I have featured.  This is one of the reasons why I love the use of photo ledges.  They allow you to change up your art pieces whenever you want, without leaving holes in your wall.  The ledges I used are just the Ribba photo ledges from Ikea.  They are priced great and come in two different sizes.  If you decide to create a similar wall and order your very own 'Instantly Framed' piece I'd love to see it.  Email me to share.  

*I was provided a free print to review for this post, all my opinions and provided content are my own

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Styled nightstand {my side of the bed}

How many of you have a nightstand that is just covered with magazines, remote controls, glasses, drinks...I could go on and on?  I know I usually do!  I decided today it was time to clean that all up and designate other areas for those items.  I enjoy a styled home too much to cause myself my own stress of having a disheveled nightstand.  It also helped when Amber Interiors decided she was going to run a fun giveaway based around your bedside situation.  I've had plans for my night stand for awhile.  Super simple plans, but still, they are plans.  I wanted to add a few simple touches that reflect me and my family, along with something that I created.  Here is what I came up with.

Here is how you can get the look:
*When we first moved into our house my husband and I created these sconces.  I still love them.  I especially like that they allow the top of my night stand to be free for other items.
*A little DIY art is a great way to change up your art for no cost at all.  I'm really into abstracts right now and thought a bit of blue to bring out the blue in the pillow was a nice touch of color.
*A recent trip to the Good Will is where I found this ornate tin that has the greatest patina to it. * Adding a plant to a space is so important too and I think a lot of people forget that.  Not only does a plant add a perfect amount of green, its also is good for your air quality.  We all know how great succulents are because of the little amount of care they need.
*I created this DIY nightstand too from a Craigslist purchase.
*A sculpture like piece on top of a small stack of books always adds nice dimension to a styled space. I found this one at Hobby Lobby. The books I used speak of the ocean and we are very much a beach family so they were fitting.  The top book also has the prettiest colors of blues on it, so that worked well with my decor.
*A Hmong pillow that has the perfect deep indigo and pops of pink and orange.
*Our bed is low and very simple.  It has a slightly mid-century look to it.
*We have all white bedding which makes me feel like we are constantly in a hotel.
*And a great textured blanket which I can't wait to start using again once this weather here in SoCal decides it wants to be Fall.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oh Hey! {poor little blog}

Oh this poor little blog of mine...its been neglected.  I have thoroughly enjoyed what turned into a way longer maternity leave then I was expecting.  I think I needed it though.  I've really been able to focus on being mom and getting into the swing of the new school year.  I got through Halloween and enjoyed all the planning of the kids costumes, gathering items for their class parties and taking them trick-or-treating, all while not stressing about a deadline.  It was fab!  
Fix it Felix and Anna

But with that being said, I think it is time to slowly start getting back to work.  So this is me saying, Emerson Grey Designs in back in business.  I'm going to be spreading out clients on the calendar so that I can also enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas like I did Halloween.  If you are interested in getting a place on my calendar for a design start date please feel free to send me an email.  I can't wait to help.  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Always redesigning {my kids shared space}

Oh my, oh my....I'm my own worst client.  My kids' shared room is driving me bananas.  Ever since we moved here, almost two years ago, I've yet to be fully happy with the way their room has come together.  It is that battle of trying to incorporate items I already have in order to save money and yet, not really liking any of them.  If only I could truly start from scratch.  Since I can't I'm switching my focus to trying to simplify what I have and bring in very few new items.  I also want the room to reflect a bit more of the lifestyle we live.  My husband used to surf professionally so we have a plethora of boards in our garage.  One in particular that I've always loved is bright yellow and has such a classic shape to it.  I just think it would be so fun to feature this item in our kids room.  Yellow being such a neutral color and so cheery, I thought it would look pretty rad hanging on the wall.  I've seen a few images on Pinterest that struck my interest in this idea.

  With that being my inspiration I've pulled together this design board.
The subtle touches of pink in the art print and the pillow will give just enough of a feminine touch to the space.  My daughter has enough girlie toys scattered through out this house, she won't miss not having an overly girlie room for now.

Surfboard image

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bathroom dreams {home update}

We have not taken on a new large project over here in awhile.  Life has gotten in the way and priorities have been put ahead of home updates. I'm kind of missing the many projects that we tackled when we first moved into our home almost two years ago.  You can see some of those updates here.  I've done a few smaller updates like painting the front door, the backyard lounge area etc. As for really tackling and changing this home for the better, we just haven't been able to do that.  I'm itching to get on it.  Right now our bathroom vanities are driving me a bit crazy!  They are old, outdated and just not working for me.  When we first moved into this home we immediately had the old wood cabinets painted white so that we could live with them for awhile.  I think two years is awhile right??  Now I just want to rip them out!!

Here is what they looked like originally before we moved in....eeeeeekkkkkk!  This is the small little vanity that my kids and guests use.  It is an awkward little space that I am working on making better.  Until the day comes that we can knock down some walls, this just has to do.  I'm not worried about it looking sad forever, I know I can make it aesthetically pleasing.  Unfortunately, it takes some disposable money to do this.  We are working to fitting it into the budget, as what I have planned won't take too much and I know it will look fantastic.

Here is my plan for this space.

You can find all the items I have featured on this board here.

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