Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday must-haves {sleepy time}

It has been an exhausting weekend of parent duties, so all I can think of is sleep.  Like I'm counting down until I can crawl into bed, turn on some totally worthless tv and just drift off into snoozeville.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  Because of this I thought this weeks must-haves would be all about me dreaming of some ZZZ's.

I have been eyeing this pajama set the last few times I've gone to, you guessed it, Target. There is just something about the stripes.  The top is actually so cute, I'd wear it during the day, except now that I'm making you all aware that it is a pj top I maybe shouldn't do that.  The shorts have the little extra ruffle detail that I just love too.

I'm in need of some new cozy slippers and I just loved the look of these Uggs.   The color of them is so fun and different from the usual brown that I have always thought I'd grabbed.

How about a ridiculously cozy blanket for all this worthless tv watching!  This merino wool blanket by Sarah Lou Co. is a stunner.  I recently saw it on an Instafriend's feed and it stopped me in my tracks.

I'm all about lighting a candle and this grey lavendar one sounds like it will be nice and soothing.

And because it just sounds so very yummy to go along with getting cozy in bed...why not have a Hot Toddy?  This little recipe print is so cute and a perfect addition to any bar cart area.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The perfect white, simple bookcase {a round-up}

I was on the hunt for a simple white bookcase the other day for a client's space.  I didn't want it too heavy or chunky, I wanted plenty of shelves and I knew I wanted it to be metal.  My wants were definitely pretty specific so it made my search extensive.  In the process of my search I saw a few other really great options that would be a nice piece for any room.

   1,   2,   3,   4,  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Must-haves {Spring Break edition}

It's Monday and that means more fun things to share with you all that I'm in love with, obsessed with, want etc etc.  I am finding that sharing these things with you all is really helping me not go crazy thinking about all the things I could click buy for this very second.  With Spring Break quickly approaching I wanted to share a few things that just felt fitting for the gorgeous weather we are having here in Southern California. I know a large amount of the country is still experiencing snow, so let's also use this post as planning ahead for when your sunshine comes your way. =)

Now I've said it a million times before just how much I love hats.  I mean, I have them on display in my master bedroom for goodness sake.  The main reason behind my love affair with hats is because I am a redhead and with that comes crazy fair skin that has already seen too many skin cancers.  So, I wear a hat whenever I'm out in the sun whether that be at the baseball fields, the pool, the park or the beach.  And with each location or each mood I'm in, I love to change up my hat.  This hat from Gigi Pip is all kinds of amazing!  Wide brim, raffia material so it's light and loving the frayed edge.

During Spring Break I love to sit back and relax and what better place to do that then in a swinging chair. This hammock chair has been my favorite since last summer.  It's super easy to doze off in this comfy spot.

I love me a cute one-piece bathing suit because I'm still working on getting those abs I've been dreaming of. =)  Vanilla Beach has become one of my favorite bathing suit lines through Target.

Whether I'm sitting in my hammock chair or sitting at the pool, it's always nice to have a really great book.  I recently couldn't put this one down.

And because this can't be all about me this week, I just had to share a perfect little gift for the sweet little ones in your life leading up to spring and Easter.  How ridiculously amazing are these Easter baskets from Boho Pillow?!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Must-haves {for me and my home}

I love me a cute ankle boot.  I very rarely wear anything else, so when I saw my sister wearing these Lucky ones yesterday I was all heart eyes for them. I'm loving the black ones.

I tried these distressed jeans on the other day and seriously wanted them in every colorway.  If I didn't have to leave the store to go pick-up my daughter from school I probably would have grabbed them.  I love the perfect distressing, the mid-rise waist and the price!

I have been wearing mineral powder for years and truly can't switch to anything else.  I don't care for liquid foundations and many pressed powders just don't give me the right coverage.  I've been tried and true to a brand that you can find at Target, but have really been thinking about doing a trial run with something a bit "better."  I've heard great reviews about this Laura Mercier powder and think I may need to splurge.

I already have Levolor blinds in my home, but I have them in the cinnamon color.  Not truly sure what I was thinking when we moved in here that made me go with the darker color.  I'm really wanting to go with the natural bamboo color to lighten up our windows.  If you aren't familiar with these blinds through Lowes, you need to be.  They are custom cut in-store to give you that custom look without the custom price.

Most of you that follow me on Instagram know I'm yearning for a new sofa.  Our current one is fabulous looking, but boy is it uncomfortable.  I feel like we are truly missing out on family snuggles because we all would rather sit on the ground than on the sofa.  I'm loving the look of the Gabriel sofa from Scandinavian Designs.   Lucky for me there is a showroom nearby, so I may need to go take a little seat on it.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The coolness of my floors {concrete floors}

Before we moved into our home it had baby blue berber carpet straight from the 80's.  We knew we didn't want them, but we planned to live with them for awhile before we could budget for some new flooring.  Plans changed real quick when the day we got the keys to our new home we discovered a leak had been occurring within the walls of what would be the kids bedroom.  The carpet was soaked and stained and it was most definitely time for it to be pulled up.  Because we didn't have it in the budget for new flooring we had to brainstorm our next best option.  For our design aesthetic we thought concrete floors would be really cool.  My husband started doing a bunch of research on what equipment he needed to rent, what gear he had to wear for his safety and just what order did the steps for sanding and sealing concrete floors go in.

Here is the before of our great room with its baby blue carpet and walls.

Once my husband pulled up the carpet we held our breath for a semi-decent looking slab.  We got pretty lucky that there was minimal cracking and not too many chalk and glue lines.  You can tell from this photo how dirty this job was.
The bottom left photo shows the glue lines we were working with and then the bottom right photo shows after they had been sanded.  Huge difference.  And then the last step after proper clean-up was to seal the floors and give them a bit of a sheen.
I get asked constantly "how do you like your floors?"  Let me tell you...I love them.  A few of the main reasons are its easy clean-up.  A kid spills a drink, drops their food, gets sick...(all have happened) it is never a big deal.  All we do is wipe it up.  The sealer makes them repel liquid, so wiping up spills is super easy.  I also love how they keep our home super cool in the summer.  We can get to about 100 degrees outside on a summer day and when you come in the house it will be so cool.  And the opposite of this, most people worry about, is the winters.  I can tell you from living here through 4 winters that it hasn't been an issue.  Granted we live in Southern California so we don't have "real" winters.  Another reason I love them is because it is so easy to move furniture around.  And this is crucial for someone likes me who loves to switch it up around here.  And lastly, they fit our design aesthetic perfectly.  They offer a clean slate for the rest of our home to play off of.  If you find yourself thinking about concrete floors I say "go for it" because you can also add something on top of them later.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Breakfast nook {with a pillow swap}

I love our breakfast nook and if you follow me on Instagram you know that.  It has been a space that we created for not only us four to be able to sit at the table together, but also as a space to hide many many toys!  We lack storage in our home, so these benches have played an important roll in my sanity.  And even better, this nook allows me a space to play with all my pillows.  Yesterday I did a little pillow switcharoo and eliminated all the indigo pillows. Gasp! I know, crazy.  As you can see though, it is kinda fun to be able to do this.  I'm not committed to any one arrangement of the pillows, so it definitely satisfies my constant need for change.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday must-haves {come on Spring}

As I sit here writing this and it's raining outside again, I can't help but think of Spring and Summer!  I'm so ready for sunshine and hanging out outside.  This weekend was opening day for Little League and anyone else that is a baseball parent knows just how much time we spend at the fields.  I'm always on the hunt for items that can make be feel put together, comfortable and not lack in style.  Here are this weeks must-haves.

I have been obsessed with these Free People royale flats for longer then I can count.  I just love how they look and I know I could walk around in them all day.

This Baseball mom hat has been a staple of mine for over a year.  I am a redhead so wearing a hat when I'm outside for long periods is an absolute must.  And I just love how this hat claims my title for the weekend.  They make so many other hats for us moms, check them out.

You can usually find my daughter hanging out of the grass either coloring or playing with the other sisters who have brothers playing on the team.  This Ulive linen towel  would be great to throw down for her so she doesn't get itchy.  Anyone else have a kiddo who immediately cries "itchy" after they have been on the grass for awhile? I converted to thinner towels a few years ago because I just love how easy they are to throw in my bag without lugging around the traditional terry towel.  If you haven't grabbed a linen or Turkish towel yet, get to it.  You'll be obsessed.

You can also find me rocking a Cross body purse so that I have my hands free for all the other items I have to carry from the car.  I thought this one was so cute and definitely my style.

Sun Bum spray has been a staple in our home.  It is the only spray my kids love the smell of.  I'm a huge advocate of wearing SPF always...again redhead here.  I've had too many procedures done on my skin over the years, so we all grab our Sun Bum spray when we are at the fields.

Lastly, I can't stand having to run to the snack bar all the time so these Freezable carryall lunch bags are great to pack up in the morning.  They freeze all night so that they keep the food cold all day.

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