Thursday, September 29, 2011

E & G's nursery

Here is a design board for a nursery/ kids room I did about a year ago.  For my kids to be exact.  My son was three and my daughter was on the way.  They share a room, so the design needed to be a good balance for both.  I wanted a little touch of girly, but nothing that my son couldn't handle.  A few things strayed from the original design, as most jobs do.  Pictures to come!

Editing of this original post: 1/18/2012

So no pictures have come yet, because I just can't seem to finish their room.  Oh, being a designer it is very hard to ever be satisfied with your own spaces.  So the design board has changed a bit and its still changing. =)  Lets see how it continues to evolve until I finally show you their room. 
To be continued!

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