Thursday, January 19, 2012

Splurge vs. Thrifty

I haven't done a splurge vs. thrifty in awhile, but have been coming across a few things that I thought I'd share.  We all know how the pouf has entered into decor more and more as of late.  They are being used as stools, ottomans, even tables.  I love the wide variety of uses they provide, but some have quite the high price tag.  I won't even venture into the exceptional price tag...I'll just stay in the "possible" price tag and then hopefully introduce you to few lower prices. 

I'm a sucker for white, as anyone who knows me knows.  I just love how beautiful, pure and clean it looks.  So wouldn't this just be a great introduction into a child's space?
Source is Serena and Lily and retails for $450 for a 14"h x 22"d

And then there is this one:

Source is COCOCOZY and retails for $220 for a 16"h x 20"d

Pretty good match for $200 less right? 

Another pouf that is being seen more and more is the square style or floor pouf. 

West Elm recently launched them in their new catalog for $249 for a 24"sq. x 13"h

But one of my favorite Etsy stores has this one:
Aletafae makes adorable poufs and this one retails for $110 for a 22"sq. x 13" h pour

Again, not bad for $139 savings...I love thrifty shopping!

What's your way? Splurge vs. Thrifty...

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