Friday, January 13, 2012

You choose!

So I am ready to do another "Pinterest find Duplicated."  I love finding all these super creative crafts the world of bloggers are creating and then trying them myself.  They, obviously, get all the credit...but, I feel pretty happy about the accomplishment of completing their craft.  I've done a few duplications so far (here), but I am ready for the next. 

So this time I thought I'd let you choose!  Here are the options:
The DIY striped bench (which would work in a few places)

The LOVE sign (that I just think is so cute)

The growth chart (which I don't have, bad mommy)

So, let me know which you vote for?  Send your friends and have them vote, the more the merrier.  And I really want to know who else is obsessed loves duplicating Pinterest finds?


  1. I love all of them! But since I've recently been obsessed with black and white patterns I'd go with the bench!

  2. I pinned the growth chart too for my growing kiddos. I would love to see you do it so I can copy you :)


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