Friday, February 3, 2012

Pillow fight!

I have a huge love for pillows.  You can ask my husband and son, who, DON'T!  It's OK.  I'm the designer so what I say, goes. =)  They are easy to just set aside on the floor anyway, problem adverted.
Back to my love of pillows.  I have found a few lately that I just had to share. 
I kind have a little obsession with these... you can find them at Serena & Lily

And I definitely can't deny my love of Caitlin Wilson...

I have always loved the sweetness that Pom Pom Home can find this one on Layla Grace

And this Ikat is pretty phenomenal!  Check out the Etsy shop it came from

And lastly, this buck pillow that may make an appearance on my sons bed, also found on Etsy

Keep up with my obsession search for more adorable pillows on my Pillow Fight! pinterest board

Do you have any favorite pillows you'd like to share?  Tell me about them

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