Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wowza Wednesday

Happy Wednesday getting half-way through the week.  As usually, today is the day I like to share any finds or things that have made me smile this week.  There are obviously too many to actually post about, (like my daughter yelling "mommy" when she wakes up), but I'll do one that you can enjoy too.  Target, oh Target, how I love thee.  How cute is this new pillow I just discovered there?  Bright, cheery, great texture...just perfect for Spring and Summer.  And only $12.99  Wowza. 

It would look exceptionally great in my family room...would it work anywhere in your home? 
It is also the perfect size to throw on a glider as a back pillow.  I'm kind of a yellow fan and I know not everyone is, but it made me smile and that is what Wowza Wednesday is all about.

I also wanted to mention that Urban Outfitters is havint their OMG sale was supposed to be yesterday, but their site crashed.  So they extended it to today and they've added in free shipping!!!  Go shopping ladies...
Have you had any Wowzas this week?  Share...

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