Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've been seeing a lot of scalloped print textiles creeping into the world of design.  It's a fun, new trend to follow in the chevrons footsteps.  I don't think chevron is out, but I like how the scallop is a bit softer.  Here are a few fun finds...

scallop pattern lampshade map from map circles...two trends in one!

Are you liking the scallop prints?  What have you seen that you've loved? 


  1. I do love scallops in small doses. On a large piece it kind of reminds me of fish scales! Maybe that is what happens when you have a husband who loves fishing!

    1. Sita...you are too funny. I can totally see why it would bother you haha. No one over here likes fishing thankfully, so I can just see it as a print. =)

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