Saturday, July 21, 2012

Room for three

With the world the way it is these days, many people have had to downsize their homes.  That doesn't necessarily mean they've downsized their family.  I know many who don't have a room for each kid, but hasn't let that stop them from having more children. They have been able to create a great space for each of them.  Today I thought I'd share some images of great rooms designed for three children. 

floating bunk beds

bunk beds and cot

loft bed set up

nursery for triplets

Don't those images make you look at each of your spaces a bit differently?  Could you configure a room in such a way that each child has their own space?  It is completely possible and I think the challenge is a fun one. 


  1. These are great ideas! I love the floating bunk bed, it's so fun!

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  3. So happy I found your blog via the blog hop. Happy Blogging!

  4. Hi! I just am stopping by from the Network Blog Hop. Following you now and look forward to visiting again soon.

    1. Hi Lindy...welcome! Don't you just love that blog hop!


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