Friday, August 17, 2012

Animal hooks {and why I've been away}

Well, this week got away from me.  I do apologize.  My daughter decided on Tuesday morning that a trip to the ER was necessary.  It's shocking how easily an eyebrow can split open.  I guess you could say that Crate and Barrel wood tissue boxes have really solid corners.  =(  So, we had an eventful Tuesday that has made it so we can't go near the pool, bath or beach, which is everything my kids love.  I've had to be an even more creative mommy to keep them busy the last few days.  And we still have 2 days to go before we can head back to the pool.

So there is my 'why.'  Now onto the animal hooks.  Here is just some Friday eye candy and links to find them...Have a great weekend!

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