Monday, February 2, 2015

Our home {cement floors}

I know it is a total personal preference when it comes to floor type, but I, myself, absolutely love a good cement floored home!

When we moved into this home it originally had horrible blue Berber carpet.  Thankfully, yes, silver lining, we had a flood that made us have to rip the carpet out asap.  This kicked us in the rear to spruce up our floors.  I had always wanted cement floors and with our extremely tight budget, it was more cost appropriate to just sand and seal the existing slab floor.  My husband DIY'd these floors over the course of three days and now two years later I still absolutely love them and their easily maintainable selves!

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  1. We are currently doing concrete, too! At first it was because it was affordable but now I'm in love and wouldn't trade them for anything else!

    1. Right?! They are seriously the best floors ever.


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