Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gallery wall envy {inspiration for my kids' room}

I have been in the process of pulling together a huge gallery wall for my kids' shared room. The design of their room is changing drastically from what their room used to look like:

I have softened the palette by using lots of white and indigo.  This was my original design board for their room.  Although it changed a bit, you can still get an idea of what you may see when I share their completed space.  
Their is one wall in their room that has become their desk area that I really wanted to make the focal of the room.  I decided creating a floor to ceiling gallery wall would be super fun and allow me to incorporate a good balance of art for both my son and my daughter.  Of course, when it came to framing all the prints I wanted to find some inspiration, so where else did I go, but Instagram and Pinterest.  You'd be surprised how Instagram has become another search engine for me.  So here are some of the images I just loved along with the Instagram username and links if available so you can find the sources and drool yourself.  

photo by Ashlee Raubach

amazing space by @lindsaysue_design 



Those amazing gallery walls were my source of inspiration and I'm sure you can see why.  Hello heart eyes for days!  I love the mix of frame colors, sizes and styles.  I love the mix of mediums.  I just felt so excited to pull my kids gallery wall together.  

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