Sunday, January 29, 2017

Completed bathroom {from awful to awesome!}

I have shared our bathroom with you all a few times, but for those of you who haven't seen where it started to what it is now, I thought I'd gather it all in this one post for you. You're welcome =)

When we bought our condo in December 2012 it was straight out of the 80's.  A sweet older couple who were the original owners still lived here and I don't think they had ever re-decorated.  So, we had a new home with baby blue walls, baby blue vertical blinds and baby blue Berber carpet. It was awesome. (insert sarcasm) I 100% could see the potential with the open concept this home had and just knew we could make it our own.

Now the bathroom was pretty horrible with its old vanity, fluorescent lighting and weird door situation.  It also had a baby blue toilet you see a theme here?  Take a look.

And could there have been anymore towel racks?

Our first order of duty was to remove one of the three doors in this little space, remove the towel racks, get a new toilet and then out with the horrible floor tiles.  We had already changed the rest of the house to cement floors so it was our plan in here too.  

We made major progress over the course of the first year and ended up replacing the existing vanity as well.  Here is what our bathroom looked like at the beginning of December 2016.

You can see once we removed the tile floors how rough the cement slab looked.  If you can believe it from this photo, the floors were actually smooth as could be, but the mortar left horrible ridging marks, boo.  We lived with this for awhile while I was brainstorming our next move. 

And then I found the most amazing, cost effective company called Quadrostyle.  They make peel 'n stick tiles and floor panels that look exactly like real tiles for way less.  Sign me up!  We are on a very strict budget over here and as much as I've dreamed about laying down cement tiles, we just can't afford it.  So Quadrostyle gave me the look I dreamed of, minus the cost.  

For our situation and space, a major plus about Quadrostyle is the fact that the panels are so thin making the line where our cement floors hit the panels created such a super smooth transition.  Where if I did lay actual tile I would have had an up-step.  Even though these panels are thin, you are going to be shocked how durable they are.  They are made of strong, adhesive-backed vinyl that is created to withstand some serious abuse, perfect for our family of four.  

What's even better about Quadrostyle is how easy the installation was!  I did it all myself and even created a quick tutorial video for you if you want to purchase them for your home.  Now let's get to the after photos, shall we? 

I am obsessed with how this space was quickly transformed with the Quadrostyle panels and the pattern I chose.  I could not be happier.  I truly love our bathroom now.

If you would like to tackle a project like this yourself, then here's is my quick tutorial.  

*I was supplied with product for an honest review and tutorial.  All opinions are my own


  1. I'm seriously dying over this transformation. Holy cow! I am trying to figure out where I can use these. Like right this minute. I am so inspired. Thanks, girl.

  2. This looks amazing! So fresh and beautiful.

  3. Lovely! Where is the small rug from?

    1. Hi Rada, it is a one of a kind rug from Turkey that I purchased throughout Etsy. I did a post right after this one of a small rug round up if you want to check that post out.


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